I am very proud to be one of the company of writers, who have contributed to this wonderful, charitable enterprise - The Hellcats Anthology.

Please take a look and support Erada, however you can.

The time to rise is Meow!

Revenge, reckoning, and redemption: HELLCATS, THE ANTHOLOGY has it all.

Presenting sixty nine stories of feline adventure that will make you chortle, chuckle, gasp, and guffaw.

We have: Pirates, cowboys, and spacewalkers.

Soul suckers, seers, and swashbuckling heroes.

With guest appearances by Mr. Darcy, The Madwoman in the Attic, and Hunter S. Thompson as a cat.

In the far reaches of outer space, cats crawl and pounce, shift and slaughter.

While back on Earth, the wicked are punished, the weak avenged, and the good guy wins against all odds.

We have paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, swords and sorcerers, cozy mysteries, romance, literary fiction, and much, much more.

All proceeds from this anthology will go to support a 79 year-old grandmother Erada who has been hounded through the courts and is in danger of losing her home.

The HELLCATS are a group of writers who banded together to try to prevent that from happening.

Help the HELLCATS help Erada keep her home.


"Beautiful Story. It's witty, it's exciting. Full of charm."
Dr Ashley R Lister, Bestselling Author of Blackstone Towers

About Aidan

Aidan Pilkington-Burrows was always an avid reader from childhood, and soon learned how to become a storyteller.

A native of the industrial North West of England, he found a passion for computing, robotics and programming, which took him on many adventures, both in the UK and abroad.

Using his own experiences to weave as much reality into his writing as possible, he tries to make every moment feel as real for the reader, as it is for the characters. Allowing the reader to imagine the worlds he builds, he hopes to share the journey, the story and above all, the adventure.

Aidan writes epic sci-fi, captivating fantasy, and twisty, pulse pounding psychological thrillers, as well as scripts for games and video productions. He also writes adult literary fiction under a pseudonym.

I've written a few more things...

These are my current offerings. I’m writing and thinking about writing, all the time. I will put my latest publications here, as time goes by.

God's Tear Cover

God's Tear: Project Tiger Shark


As the terrorist organisations of the world unify, governments seek a solution. Dark alien forces move against all regimes and oppressors, forcing a peace, imposing order.

What weapon can mankind create to fight against such enemies? Has there always been a plan for such impossible times? What is there that is greater than the human spirit, when all hope can fade so easily.

Is it time to break the rules or time to forget that there were any at all?

Kit Book Cover

Kit - Out Now!

Waking in hospital is scary enough, but for Kit, it’s a nightmare.

Learning he has been in an accident that he can’t remember, he quickly realises he can’t remember anything, at all.

Is he who they say he is? Are they who they say they are? Who is he, really? Who are they? Can he trust them? Does he have a choice? Is he a good husband or is he a killer? Is he a regular guy or some sort of lethal superspy? With so many questions and so few answers he can rely on, he really could be absolutely anyone.

Where will his discoveries take him?

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